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N Gauge  by Rob 

Rob is well known to the Tasmanian Railway fraternity and probably has one of the most extensive N gauge 

layouts in the state. Parts of this layout have been exhibited at many exhibitions and for some time was set up at Ross during the Christmas school holidays.
Rob is also well-known for his commercial productions known as Hand Made Accessories. For more details go to links and suppliers. He has an extensive range in both N scale 00 and HO. The gallery section is only a small part of his layout and more pictures will be added as time permits.

N Gauge  by Steen  

Steen has been busy re-building his Ngage layout. He has now laid all the track using the new Code 55 finer scale track except for the freight and shunting yard which is not quite complete. He has buildings yet to complete for this area, including a coal loader freight terminal and a few other things. He has now completed the roundhouse with an Arnold sourced power operated and indexed turntable. The new landscape is being connected to the old using the traditional plaster cloth on cardboard webbing with a plaster of Paris finish.

Steen has had significant problems with the new low profile code 55 track the ballast has to be very fine to avoid protruding and subsequently causing derailments Steen has installed a double slip point which most of his locomotives tolerate apart from the older Arnold locos with her heavier flanges He has also noted that electrical contact on points is not as good with the code 55 as it was with the old code 80. Click on the gallery button above to see his progress

20200423_115339 (Large).jpg
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