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OO  or 4mm= 1 foot  scale 

"Reed St" by Steve

This is the classic GWR branch line terminus to fiddle yard concept.

It all packs away in a special box for transport 

Baseboards are custom-built lightweight 

The Trackwork  is Peco Code 75 hand ballasted 

Buildings are cardboard kits with some kitbashing and scratch building of platforms and structures 

Rolling Stock is a mixture of Proprietary read to run and kits  

The Signals are operational and are from Ratio kits 

The Gallery shows the layout from unpacking to display status 

"Southdowen"  By David

This layout is a through station with a maritime branch line it started life as a rapid build NSWGR  layout (see HO section) and was rebuilt in stages to become a Southern  Railway English layout. The Maritime branch line was a later addition Thomas and Friends used to make guest appearances at Exhibitions 

Baseboards are the ply panel doors of the previous layout except for the branch line which is plywood on a light pine frame 

Track work Peco code 100 but with electrofrog points  

Buildings are Superquick and Metcalf with some scratch built items 

Rolling Stock Hornby and Bachman locomotives and rolling stock with one kit-built Southern Q class

Signals are Ratio and nonoperational 

IMG_0308 (Large).jpeg
BRMA Photo 2 (Large).jpg

"Barnstaple Town" David  & Steve

This Layout is loosely based on the Terminus of the Lynton and Barnstaple with the Southern Railway at Barnstaple. It is a completely new build and the first trial of mixed OO & 009n narrow gauge.

The OO9 venture was not without its pitfalls the new Heljan loco models   Looked magnificent but running was difficult due to the fine-scale nature of the running gear. The layout is going to be extensively rebuilt 

Track work Peco mainline N/Gauge points and track 

Mainline Code 100 and electro fro points but two set track curved points which cause no end of trouble and are going to be eliminated in the rebuild.

Building Superquick Metcalf and Scratch built 

Rolling stock Peco N/Gauge and Heljan  N/G Locos  Bassed on 

The L & B Locos and Rolling Stock 

Std Gauge by Hornby & Bachmann of Southern Locomotives of the Brighton and The South Western section of the Southern Railway 

Daves Iphone up date August 2019 190 (La
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