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OO Collectables 

Brighton Toy Museum Dublo Collection 

the Brighton toy Museum has an extensive collection of collectable Hornby Dublo and also early iterations of the other  00 scale

Models .The Gallery is minly of the Hornby Dublo Products 

P3201242 (Medium).JPG

Daverton Classic  3 Rail  Dublo 

Daverton was originally part of a larger display which included a bottom section of course scale O gauge and a top section of Hornby Dublo 

This larger display was dismantled some time ago, but the Hornby Dublo section was maintained.

This display is on the board. 2.1 m x 1.1 m and is transported complete. It is mounted on two trestles and has a display lighting panel at the front of the layout. This has 2 mini fluorescent lights which give extra light to the display in display halls. It is a classic three rail Hornby 00 layout using where possible. Hornby 00 buildings and signals. The rest of the scenery uses Superquick cardboard kits & some Metcalf cardboard kits There are a number of scratch built buildings to complete the scene. The cars on the layout are either Dublo  Dinky or Matchbox.

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